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Empowering students to be independent, confident and successful habitual learners

Beyond Academics

Exploring the curriculum beyond the classroom with various activities that nourish the curiosities of a child’s mind



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VIVEKANAND GLOBAL SCHOOL is a modern and progressive school nested in a lush green oasis amidst in the heart of INDIRAPURAM.

VIVEKANAND GLOBAL SCHOOL is one of the leading independent day schools that is committed to provide a competitive atmosphere that helps each learner to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-learning thereby, creating committed, socially responsible global citizens.


Our Benefits

The school since its inception in the year 2012 is striving to bring in excellence in the education that is being imparted to its learners and is open to new methodology and pedagogical practices that are both modern yet traditional in nature so as to keep its learners grounded and rooted to Indian value system.

  • Social & Fun

    Social skills learning improves students’ communication with peers and adults, improves cooperative teamwork, and helps them become effective, caring, concerned members of their communities. At the same time it teaches them how to set and achieve individual goals and persistence, skills that important for their successful development into adulthood, work and life.

  • Safe Enviroment

    Vivekanand Global School believes that every child is entitled to a safe and peaceful school environment that is orderly and empowering. Education takes place in a positive physical setting.

  • Caring Staff

    The teachers and staff in our schools are passionate about providing an exceptional education and a loving, nurturing atmosphere for your children. They will partner with you to make your child’s educational journey the best it can be! We have low teacher-to-student ratios allowing our teachers to have meaningful interactions with each child – serving the unique needs of each child in our care, and ensuring that children LOVE coming to our schools!

  • Qualified Teachers

    VGS has Well qualified teachers help students develop self esteem and personal responsibility. Children feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts and opinions. Our Teachers have the ability to connect with their students on a personal level.


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Meet our Team

VGS prioritises investment in recruitment and professional development, helping us to innovate in the classroom and create an ever-improving learning environment together.

The trustees, leaders and staff are all highly committed. They strive for each student to achieve their potential. Leaders and staff work exceptionally well. Together, they provide students with an excellent quality of education.
We pride ourselves on attracting the best school staff from around the area.
Our teaching and academic staff deliver excitement and wonder in education for your child through their inspiring approach to teaching. We recruit the best teachers whose dedication and professionalism ensure that students have every opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Nidhi Srivastava
kindergarten Teacher

Nidhi Srivastava, kindergarten teacher, is a passionate, warm, caring teacher who is committed to develop overall personality and educational capibilities of a child at an early stage. She has double masters degree and NTT certification.

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Mamta Dhyani

I am a positive person who has an enthusiastic outlook as life. I love my job and I get a great sense of achievement from seeing my students develop and grow as individuals. If I can have positive impact on their future, I feel I am doing my job well.

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Heena Mishra

Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.

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